Mentorship & Dream Development


mentorship & dream development


I mentor purpose-driven people who are looking to develop their careers and dream projects. With each person I work with, I customize support with the following exercises and practices:

  • Identity-exploration: Workshops to identify your voice, values, and story
  • Personal-brand development: Establishing a clear, authentic, and powerful presence in the world: in-person and online. We'll workshop your bio/resume/website
  • Goal-mapping: These exercises allow people to visually understand the landscape of their goals in every domain of their life, analyze, prioritize, and develop strategies for measurable progress
  • Accountability checkins: Fulfilling on your GSD (Get Sh*t Done) strategy
  • Leadership development: Developing healthy-collaboration, communication, & confidence in making bold requests 
  • Networking support: We will create and expand your community-map to better nurture meaningful relationships and opportunities for now and for the future

I offer one-on-one mentorship and also offer project mentorship clinics through New Women's Space. One-on-one mentorship begins with an initial 30-minute consultation to develop a customized plan for each person.